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Welcome to FloorRepair.ca

We Are All About Flooring, we strive to achieve the highest results in customer satisfaction while we repair and restore any type of flooring problem you have in any commercial or residential application.

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Carpet Repair

Carpet stretching: Over the years your carpet starts to develop waves, lumps, or buckles.

Vinyl Floors

Your vinyl flooring can suffer from small cuts and cracks due to normal wear and tear over the years.

Floating Floors

Many floating flooring issues are generally covered under the floor’s warranty.

Tile Floors

If you dropped something on your floor that resulted in cracks in your tile flooring, we can replace that tile for you.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring has few rivals for elegance and durability. Like any other flooring in your home, over time even solid hardwood falls victim to the affects of daily wear and tear.

Floor Squeaks

We specialize in repairing floor squeaks beneath any type of floor finish, for example hardwood, laminate, engineered wood, carpet.

Floor Transitions

Have you decided you want to replace your hallway carpet with hardwood or laminate?

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